There is no legal basis for NIA to exclude Voter’s ID Card – Inter-Party Coalition


The Ghana Inter-Party Coalition on Critical National Matters, comprising of key members of opposition political parties are demanding the immediate inclusion of the voter’s ID card in the list of requirements for the registration of the Ghana Card by the National Identification Authority (NIA).

“As things stands now, there is no legal basis the exclusion of the voter’s ID card and we demand its immediate inclusion in the list of requirements for registration”, Barnard Monnah of the PNC stated in a statement read by the coalition.

He added that; “this is absolutely necessary to ensure that Ghanaians whose identities have been verified biometrically and upheld by the Supreme Court of not denied their inalienable right to bring Ghanaian”.

The coalition also says it has no knowledge as what informed the NIA’s decision for such restriction and questioned the authority’s unwillingness to accept other forms of identification like the ID card haven’t been proven valid by the Supreme Court.

The NIA ahead of the mass registration exercise announced it will only accept passports and birth certificates as requirements for the registration of the Ghana Card following an amendment of the National Identify (Legislative Instrument) Bill, 2017.

For those who may not meet these requirements, the NIA provides for relatives possessing either passports or birth certificates to vouch for persons without the two documents after swearing before a commissioner of Oaths.

Addressing journalists at a news conference on Wednesday,  20th June 2018, the Inter-Party Coalition finds this measure by the NIA as woefully inadequate, cumbersome and one that would keep Ghanaians from registraring.

“This will have the effect of depriving tens of millions of Ghanaians of whatever benefits the Ghana Card is suppose to accrue”, the coalition argued.

The Inter-Party Coalition is also of the view that President Akufo Additional cannot hold himself as the president republic if the Voters’ ID card is not an acceptable indication of who is a Ghanaian.



Source: www.accramails com


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