Fear Grips Current NDC Executives In Ablekuma Central


Fear and shivering is running down the spine of some executives seeking re-election for the various positions in the up-coming Ablekuma Central National Democratic Congress NDC elections.

Positions such as the Chairmanship, Secretary and Youth Organizer positions have become the order of the day in the constituency as party sympathizers are calling for the heads of those occupying them.

This came to light when this reporter went round to seek the views and opinions of party sympathizers within the constituency immediately after the vetting of executives seeking to contest in various positions.

In an interaction with members mostly not delegates in the constituency, they stated that their call on the delegates to vote out the old executives is due to their inability to unite during and after the last constituency primaries which according to them led to the massive defeat in the 2016 constituency elections.

The members revealed that after the primaries the constituency divided into three fanctions with all the executives having interest in a candidate or the other adding that the disunity among the executives and their inability to perform their duties diligently resulted in the massive defeat.

The defeat according to the party’s sympathizers will repeat itself should the old executives given the nod to steer the affairs of the constituency adding, the defeat will be super massive should the delegates consider voting for the old executives who worked in their own interest and not the interest of the party in the 2016 constituency elections.

They further revealed that the inability of those old executives and functionalism collapsed the support base as well as the branches in the constituency. This resulted in apathy which the NPP took advantage of to convince most of the NDC supporters to vote skirt and blowse.

The NDC sympathizers called on the delegates to vote in the interest of the party and not for their interest by electing credible executives who will work and unite the party towards victory in the 2020 general elections.



By: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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