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As a youngman from Alavanyo Kpeme and Aflao in the Volta Region of Ghana, I have lived all my teenage and adult life in Brong Ahafo Serving my country and party.

I have done some few years in Ashanti Region for my tertiary Education and National Service in Sandema in Upper East Region as an instructor in Entrepreneurship at the Youth Leadership Institute.

In all these regions, I have learnt a lot of when it comes to conflict resolution. I have learnt that the common secret among all the tribes in Ghana when it comes to conflict resolution is handshake.

There is no way in our Ghanaian communities will disagreement between or among people be resolved without climaxing it with a handshake.

Naa Azantilow, the current overlord of Builsaland whom I call the wise one, when he was the regent settled a nine year old marriage disagreement between couples with just a “handshake” which I witnessed on the first day I paid a visit to his palace as the Upper East Regional President of NASPA.

Today the couple are happily living together and have added three additional children to their 7 they had before their disagreement which resulted to the separation. The children are happily living with their parents and are all in school.

Handshake is a sign of greetings.

Handshake is a sign of unity in our African culture.

Handshake brings people together.

Handshake brings peace.

Handshake is a powerful tool that we can’t undermine in our Ghanaian culture.

Even at the time Ebola was enjoying supremacy over Africa, people never forgot their culture of shaking hands with each other in their homes, churches, mosques and and public gatherings.

But sometimes some handshakes are mysterious. Example Hon. Hannah Tetteh’s handshake that has caused dissatisfaction to madam.

This week I have really learnt a lot that men and women with integrity and honour to lead our party are those who shake hands without squeezing other people’s hands.

Let’s preserve our Culture by making handshake not just a sign of greetings but a symbol of everlasting unity.

Madam Naadu Mills I greet you wherever you are. May God continue to protect you and your hands

#Edefu paa

EfoWorlanyo TSEKPO


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