Assembly clams down use of motorbikes for commercial purposes


The Municipal Security Council of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly in partnership with the police have clamped down on the use of motor bikes for commercial activities within the area.

According to the Assembly, the use of motor bikes essentially within the central business district of the municipality has had contributing effect to the huge vehicular traffic situation in the municipality.

Additionally, the Assembly argued it is difficult to differentiate between those who are using motor bikes for genuine business and those using it for criminal activities.

To this end, the Security Committee of the assembly this afternoon March 10, 2018 resolved and ordered use of Okada to be impounded.

The exercise saw over 200 motor bikes being arrested for various offences.

A member of the assembly’s taskforce who took part in the exercise Ayariga told reporters that the exercise forms part of activities to combat crime within the area. Adding that, most of the crimes committed in the area are done with the use of motorbikes.

According to him the assembly will ensure that, those whose bikes were wrongfully impounded shall be released to them after a careful screening of all the bikes. He further commended MUSEC for taking such initiative.

For his part, the Chairman for the Okada Operators Association Muhammad Tijani pleaded with the Chairman of MUSEC Albert Boakye-Okyere, to regulate their operations to avoid impeding further, the free flow of vehicular movement. “Creating an on street parking for us for a fee like that of the vehicles, Will reduce the level of congestion in the central business district” he suggested.

He also wonder why the assembly will turn its back after using them in the heat of the 2016 electioneering campaign. “Allow us work till you provide us with a job” he told policy makers.




Source: Raymond Kwofie


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