Fidelity Bank Owes Me Over Ghc4,000,000.00; I Have No Medium-Term Loan Agreement With The Bank-Landlord Claims



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mecham Group of Companies, Mr. Isaac Acheampong’s attention has been drawn to a rebuttal of Fidelity Bank in connection with a publication carried out by The Chronicle regarding Rent Arrears on February 20, 2018.
In the rebuttal of Fidelity Bank to The Chronicle newspaper published on Monday March 5, 2018, the lawyers of the Bank had stated that Ghana Heights Limited was granted a Medium-Term Loan of Seven Million Ghana Cedis (GHC7, 000,000) in September of 2007.
But the CEO of Mecham Group of Companies who holds Power of Attorney from his nephew, the majority shareholder of Ghana Heights Limited, Mr Akwasi Boakye Osei says he is in possession of documents which shows otherwise of the claim of Fidelity Bank regarding any Medium-Term Loan Agreement.
He added first of all that Fidelity Bank only gave Ghana Heights Limited Proposal Letter (Term Sheet) to raise Seven Million Ghana Cedis for his nephew’s company in a letter dated September 18, 2007 but the bank was able to come up with ONLY Ghc3, 344, 618.54.
Fidelity Bank again in its publication has alleged that it entered into an initial five (5) years Lease Agreement with Ghana Heights Limited, which Lease was renewed for a further term of five (5) years, commencing on the 31st of January 2013 to January 31, 2018 but the CEO of Ghana Heights Limited issued a statement through his Uncle that there was NO such renewal as fraudulently alleged by Fidelity Bank.
“I Akwasi Boakye Osei, the Majority Shareholder of Ghana Heights Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Heights Limited who is the Sole Landlord of AdwoaAdjeiwaa Building wishes to state on record that as per my reconciliation exercise with the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Jim Baiden on August 16, 2016, my company, Ghana Heights Limited indebtedness to Fidelity Bank was paid in full and evidence is attached as shown in Exhibit F”.
Below Is Detailed Response To Fidelity Bank And Its False Publication in The Chronicle On Monday March 5, 2018:
Fidelity Bank only gave Ghana Heights Limited Proposal Letter (Term Sheet) to raise Seven Million Ghana Cedis for my company in a letter dated 18 September, 2007. Fidelity Bank was able to come up with only GH3, 344,618.54 as shown in Exhibit A& B; hence Fidelity Bank’s statement in your [Chronicle] article item “1” is completely false and criminal on the part of the Bank.
I, the Landlord only executed a five (5) years Lease Agreement with Fidelity Bank to operate in the AdwoaAdjeiwaa Building commencing from January 1, 2008 to January 31, 2013. There was NO automatic renewal as fraudulently alleged by Fidelity Bank. Fidelity Bank only had the option to renew the Lease Agreement on or before January 31, 2013 by paying rent to Landlord, paying Withholding Tax to Ghana Revenue Authority and entering into New Lease Agreement with the Landlord, which Fidelity Bank failed to do so till date.
I am throwing a challenge to Fidelity Bank to produce the Withholding Tax receiptsfrom Ghana Revenue Authority and also the New Lease Agreement that Fidelity Bank had with me, the Landlord for a Second Term of five (5) years. Fidelity Bank has failed to do so till this date.
Hence, one of the major reasons my family and I have sort Asylum in the United States from December 19, 2014 to date is because there were several assassination threats against my life under Former President John Mahama’s Government.
I, Akwasi Boakye Osei wishes to state for the record that I have NOT executed any
Rather Fidelity Bank and its Board of Directors namely Edward Efah, Jim Baiden, Tommy Svanikier and their co-conspirators have fraudulently manufactured Loan Agreements with dates of 18 September, 2007 and 9 October, 2012 and other Loan Papers to deceive the public with the backing of some Ghana Court Officers.
There Chronicle and other media outlets should demand that Fidelity Bank bring out the Originals of the said Loan Papers for Official Public Inspection and also for the Public to see.
I state for the record also that Ghana Judicial Service do not have Jurisdiction over my person, my family, my businesses and companies and assets whiles my family and I are permanently on Asylum in the United States. Hence, any Fidelity’s Court Proceeding in Ghana is fraudulent.
I have served Official Notices of my Asylum on Ghana Judicial Service, the Executive Government and on the Speaker of Parliament.
Fidelity bank’s news item “4” is completely false. I have NOT renewed and or executed any Lease Agreement for Fidelity Bank to operate in my Building starting from February 1, 2013 to January 31, 2018. Fidelity Bank and its Board Directors with deep involvement of Former President Jon Mahama and his previous Government forcefully occupied my Building without payment of rent to Landlord, payment of Withholding Taxes and without Tenancy Agreement.
Fidelity Bank’s News item “5” is completely false and criminal on the part of Fidelity Bank. Again, as per my person (Landlord’s) reconciliation exercise with Jim Baiden, CEO of Fidelity Bank on August 16, 2016, the entire 100% indebtedness was paid in full and the Bank was to refund Landlord GH484,575.67 as at August 16, 2016, but the Bank has failed to do so because of former President John Mahama’s deep involvement. Please see Exhibit “F”. Due to the feud Fidelity Bank and its Board of Directors has with me, that is upon the Bank, on September 8, 2016, Fidelity’s CEO Jim Baiden brought in Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams of Action Chapel international as an Arbitrator to help solve their problem for them.
The Archbishop came to me in United States (Landlord of AdwoaAdjeiwaa Building) and took my Bentley and Monies in US Dollars and also took material evidence for my case against the said perpetrators in the United States to Fidelity Bank and its Board of Directors and their co-conspirators in Ghana. Please see Exhibit “G”.
Because of the fear of the truth coming to the Public, Jim Baiden, CEO of Fidelity Bank on 22nd September, 2016, sent me a text message pleading with me (Landlord) to be patient with the Bank to avoid any bad press for negative publicity or difficulties. Jim Baiden knowingly that I do not owe Fidelity Bank, affirmed that he was working very hard with the Majority shareholder of Fidelity Bank (Former President John Mahama) and that I would soon get my Title Documentation of my ownership of the AdwoaAdjeiwaa Building. Please see again exhibit G”
I Akwasi Boakye Osei have filed Criminal Complaints against Fidelity bank and its Board namely Edward Efah, Jim Baiden, Thomas Svanikieretc; former President John Mahama; Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Samuel Atta Akyea, Yoni Kulendi and their co-conspirators before the current Government of Ghana and United States Authorities.
I stand ready to provide any additional material evidence and information needed by your outfit.
Josephine Ama Acheamponmaah/


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