NDC will teach NPP how democracy works – Youth Org. Hopeful


The National youth organizer (hopeful) of the National Democratic Congress NDC who double as scientific socialist, Mr. Lawrence Lamptey has said they (NDC party) will teach the New patriotic Party NPP how democracy works in the upcoming NDC polling stations and constituency executives elections.

He revealed that, the recently held NPP polling stations and constituency executive elections were marked with unhealthy happenings: Libations and curses were evoked, people were beaten to pulp, some aspirants died, others collapsed, violence marked some areas which resulted in stopping the elections, President’s preferred candidates were fully funded from the flagstaff house to financially bully their contenders, huge costly billboards were mounted for just Constituency Executive positions, huge sums of monies and valuable items were distributed to buy delegates vote.

Theseacts are very shameful in this 21st Century.

He said In the NPP, constitutionalism, freedom of choice and of speech, and democracy are very alien to its leadership.

Thesetenets are thrown to the ‘dogs’ by the whims and caprices of a strong force in the party.

This is a party that makes the most noise on democracy but practices modern day oligarchy, tyranny, voodooism and nepotism .

Thestronger force in that party decides who occupies which position and which office holders are made to have a say in issues concerning the party.

Respected persons like Paul Afoko, Sammy Crabbe, Kwabena Agyapong, Dr. Arthur Kennedy, Attoh Quarshie, Ampong, some Regional, Constituency and Polling Station Executives have gone through these horrible treatments; they have no Freedom of Speech in their own party.

Thesemen were either beaten by tugs, threatened, bad mouthed, and spurious allegations were made against them on the media space.

The NDC is not like that, has never been like that, and will never emulate that in it’s upcoming Branch, Constituency, Regional and National Elections. The NPP must start learning true democracy from the NDC.

All NDC members and those who intend occupying any position at any level of the party are advised to do clean politics, speak to issues than personalities, never encourage any form of monetization to woo delegates, assess the competence of the position seekers before giving them the mandate, look out for committed persons who are ready to work tirelessly to recapture power from this impotent administration of Nana, and also look out for experienced persons to support the young enthusiastic youth at all levels to enable the NDC emerge victorious in 2020.

The NDC is a Democratic Party which tolerates all tribes, all religions, and all persons across the country. NDC is a national party and embraces all organizations that believes in the principles of Probity, Accountability and Transparency.

NDC will always lead the democratic way and teach it’s adverse opponents how to be democratic.


Long live Ghana.
Long live all progressives.

Lawrence Lamptey
(The Scientific Socialist)
Deputy National Youth Organizer hopeful.


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