Shame on all of us – Maiga Slams Nasara aspirants


Haruna Maiga, an aspiring National Nasara Coordinator of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has expressed resentments over the hug numbers contesting the Nasara slot.

Over 20 members across the country are varying to assume leadership of the National Nasara Coordinator position, a situation the vociferous politician described as shameful on the part of it members.

He questioned “how can the Zongos move forward with this mentality”, Maiga quizzed.

The Nasara wing has become vibrant and attractive following the crucial role it played over the last two decades, notably in the 2016 elections were it vigorously sold the NPP’s campaign message to electorates in the Zongo Community.

Haruna Maiga, who is a key contender for the position took to his Facebook page and rebuked members of the Nasara wing over the lack of cooperation among itself.

He wrote:

“OH ZONGO! 😱😱😱
What at all is wrong with our mentality???
How can over 20 people be competing with each other for the post of #National #Nasara #Coordinator of NPP? …. The funny thing is that even a former Ambassador and failed Parliamentary candidate who should run for party chairmanship is also contesting! Habba!! How can the Zongos move forward with this mentality??? Meanwhile only #SammyAwuku is going for the post of #National #Organizer!
Why are we always fighting to bring each other down??? Is that all we are good at???
Shame on all of us!





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