It is Never True that Christ Jesus was Crucified on Wednesday & Resurrected on Saturday – Luke 23: 50 – 56 – Apostle


According to Leviticus 19: 5 – 8, Peace Sacrifice must be consumed before the Third day. Thus, Christ Jesus must rose from death before the Third Day so that his Peace Sacrifice could be accepted by the Almighty God -Isaiah 53: 1 – 12.

Truthfully, Christ Jesus ate that year’s Paschal Meal on Thursday night He was arrested by the Jewish religio-political leaders.  At 9am he was crucified and died at 3 pm, being Friday – Mark 15: 25 – 37.

Because it was preparation day he was buried on the same day he died- Luke 23: 50-56.That year’s Sabbath was a High Sabbath because the Feast of the Unleavened Bread on  15th Abib ( Lev 23: 6-7) and the Seventh Day Sabbaths coincided that was the Sabbath was high – John 19 : 31 – 33.

In fact, the Wednesday Crucifixion believers are only trying to avoid Sunday resurrection theology, which Sunday Worshippers based their argument. If Christ Jesus rose on Saturday Day, then, on which day  did Jewish leaders sealed his grave in order to protect him from being stolen by the disciples according to  Matt 27 : 62 -66?

It is believed by Wednesday Crucifixion believers that Christ Jesus must spend 72 hours in the grave, referring to Jonah 1: 17; Matt 12: 38 – 40. However who knows the time Prophet Jonah was thrown into the sea (Jonah 1: 12-15) or vomited by the whale on the dried land- Jonah 2: 10?

Now, the night that Christ Jesus ate Paschal Meal was the First Night, the Night that followed his burial was the Second Night, and Night (dawn) he resurrected was the Third Night.

Also, the Day Light on which Christ Jesus was crucified at 9am was the First Day, and Day Christ Jesus was sealed in grave was the Second Day Light, and that Christ Jesus resurrected before the Third Day at dawn and ascended to heaven and presented himself unto the Almighty God, whose sacrificial Lamb he was – John 20: 1 – 9, 11- 17.

On the same First Day at the 9th hour Christ Jesus came to his disciples and declared acceptance of his Atonement Sacrifice according to John 20: 18 – 23. Prophetically, Christ Jesus spent 3 Nights (Thursday Night, Friday Night, and Saturday Night) and Two Days (Friday Light and Saturday Light, and resurrected from death before the Third Day Light – Mark 16: 1-7. If Christ Jesus should have resurrected on the Third Day (Light) his Peace Sacrifice wouldn’t be accepted by the Almighty God because it will be become abominable according to the Sanctuary Service Ordinsnce – Leviticus 19: 5 – 8.

It should be noted that there is 12 Hours Day and 12 Hours Night, instituted at creation – Genesis 1 : 1-5, 6-8, 9-13, 14 – 19, 20-23, 24 -3, Read John 11 : 9 – 10 to confirm. Thus, Yahsua the Messiah according to the Passover Ordinance, was arrested/crucified on 14th Abib (Thursday) and resurrected from death on 16th Abib (Sunday). In the order of the Sanctuary Service, he truly spent 72 hours – 9th Hour on Thursday to 9th Hour on Sunday, being the Evening Sacrifices.

This is the authentic biblical prophetic truth unknown to theologians as well as Christians. The Key to understand Christ Jesus Death and Resurrection is Leviticus 19: 5 – 8.





By: Apostle Kadmiel E.H Agbalenyoh





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